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I felt that I needed to write this testimonial regarding Alan Goodley after finding out that I was in a situation where I had to move, for medical reasons, but in my heart, I couldn’t bear to leave my amazing home, pond and property with its amazing open spaces and views. I had heard of many less-than-ideal Real Estate Agents through my friends and this heighted my anxiety.

After moving in with my friend, I asked him what I should do. He suggested that I phone Alan Goodley, a Real Estate Agent who had sold my friend’s house to him and had a very good experience. This was the starting point of realizing what an amazing Real Estate Agent and human being Alan was. From this starting point, Alan turned out to be my “hero”. At the outset, he told me that I wouldn’t have to do anything…. he would look after “everything” while staying in constant contact with me for my approvals of what he intended to do and frequent updates as to his progress. I was never “left in the dark”, and he was always mindful of the fact that I would be losing the home that I loved so much. One day I found Alan working in the rain, attaching barn boards on a large opening in my small barn. Another day, he was patching and sanding an area of my laundry room ceiling – he even brought his own vacuum for cleanup! Then, the final touch…. his wife Rosemary, (another very kind and understanding human being), took over the staging of the main house, and what a magnificent job she did! In no time at all the property was sold.

It was such a pleasure to deal with Alan. He is so kind, knowledgeable, hard working and such a pleasure to interact with. The bonus is Rosemary, his wonderful wife who assists where ever required. Put the two together and “magic” takes place! Alan and Rosemary have remained in contact just to see how I’m doing, etc. If, after reading all of this, anyone who has any hesitancy about having Alan Goodley as their Real Estate Agent, then I have no idea who else they’d rather have and I know of many.

Lynda M Port Perry


Hello Alan. You sold our house in 30 days! Awesome, Way to go!

Gary & Mary Jane C  
I recently sold my home in Rural Beaverton in great part to my Real Estate Agent Alan Goodley and his staging associate Rosemary. Alan was quick to respond both via phone and attending my home to evaluate it both inside and out. He took his time to properly evaluate every aspect of the house.  With his knowledge and expertise, he quickly identified selling features and provided necessary renovation ideas to bring top dollar and interest.
He was also able to recommend various contractors to get the job done in a timely fashion in order to get the house on the market as soon as possible.
Alan took the time in great detail to explain all the legal aspects of the sale and reviewed all necessary documents with the utmost care.
Once renovations were complete Rosemary “staged” the home and photos were taken which represented the house and property beautifully.
Needless to say due to their commitment to me and the finer details in which they executed their duties, the house received two offers within 24 hours on the market and sold above list price.  Great job!
I greatly appreciated the professionalism and dedication they both provided.
Graham L. Beaverton 
Just wantd to thank Alan very much for a tremendous job in listing, staging (along with his trusty sidekick Rosemary) as well as selling our father’s home in a record 19 days.
What was very big and challenging change for our father to make was greatly made into a much easier to deal with situation because of Alan‘s professionalism, experience but most importantly to us as a family, his personal concern and interest in our father’s situation. Downsizing is a challenge at any point in life, but for a senior citizen who has been planted for a long time in one location it has been a bit of an overwhelming obstacle at times. However, Alan‘s expertise and quick response to any questions, concerns, ideas has been readily received and promptly acted on. As a family we have been extremely impressed by his personal interest in his client.  He also was instrumental in helping our father find his new nest and although not local to the area, he took the time and the patience to make himself available to help our dad find his new home. We appreciate his concern.
We really like the job that Rosemary did in staging. And we value those who act professionally with but with a personal touch. If you are looking to work with confidence with a real estate agent who is going to treat you as a person and not just a deal then by all means call Alan Goodley. 
The Westaway Clan.
My family and I recently hired Alan Goodley to be our Real estate agent on the sale of my mothers Town House in Beaverton. Alan was up and running the minute I hung up the phone. Always reliable , pleasant , encouraging and extremely proficient at his job, Alan was able to sell the condo/ Townhouse even before we had the listing up and running. I felt I could always reach Alan easily when it came to even the smallest details or questions along the way, and he and his wife Rosemary assisted us right to the final days of the deal. I was extremely impressed with Alan’s professional yet easy going manner and would recommend him highly to anyone.
Jane J Toronto, Ontario
We were very pleased with our real estate experience with Alan Goodley.  Alan understood our specific needs and worked tirelessly to achieve successful results for us. We appreciated his patience, punctuality, and attention to detail in all our real estate transactions.  The staging of our home was exceptional! It would be our pleasure to have Alan assist us in any future real estate purchases.
Debbie D Beaverton, Ontario
I could not be more pleased with the care and attention I received from Alan Goodley with respect to the selling of my home.  Alan guided me through downsizing, decluttering, and staging - no mean feat with 26 years of collecting. Wow! I couldn't believe it was my house. Alan made it seem effortless which really helped with rhe stress level.  His "hands-on" help and experience led me to not only selling my home in 6 days but at over 10% the asking price. Thanks to Alan I am now free and happily looking forward to living closer to my family.  I would highly recommend Alan Goodley and his staging associate Rosemary to you.
Norm G Caesarea, Ontario


For the last couple of years I had been getting more and more frustrated trying to find a new home. Due to medical reasons, downsizing was something I had to do, not something I wanted to do. The dealings with so many of the Real Estate Agents out there was adding to my frustrations. Then................this past Father's Day, I happened to sit beside Alan Goodley and his wife at a local Tim Horton's. At the time I had no idea that he was in Real Estate. Eventually we started a conversation which led to my learning that he was in Real Estate and that he was getting ready to do an open house at a new house listing. After they left, I decided to go and see the house, mainly out of curiosity. It turned out that for my needs, that house and Alan Goodley were pretty darn close to perfect and I now own that house. Alan has to be one of the nicest, most sincere, knowledgeable and "down to earth" individuals that I have ever met. Single-handedly, he has restored my faith in the Real Estate business. I would highly recommend that anyone employ his services in the buying and selling of real state. You will definitely not be disappointed! As I have personally found out, his services to you, will not end once the deal is signed and closed.
Norm L  Port Perry, Ontario

Due to getting on in years, with all the work required to maintain a house, plus facing an oncoming winter with all the shovelling I was facing, I decided to put 
my house up for sale. Now, I wanted to make sure I got an agent who would have my best interest in mind, someone who was willing to go to work and get this house sold. I didn't want an agent who would simply put up a "For Sale" sign on my lawn, then go away waiting for the sign to attract a potential purchaser. 
As it turned out, my wife and I were at an open house in our neighbourhood one day, and there we met a real estate agent who impressed us very much. I mentioned to him that I was going to be putting my house on the market soon, so he came over to look it over when he was through showing the open house. Right away, he went to work. suggesting different things that could be done to get the house sold quickly, and to get the best dollar possible. So I hired him on the spot, and the next day he was back with papers to be signed, and more suggestions. The agent mentioned that I should do some painting, while his wife worked with my wife, showing her what could be done to make the house look great. WelI as he suggested, I went to work in a few days to get the painting done, while every day he would call to see how things were proceeding. Then, one day, he shows up with a paint brush in hand, and spent the whole day there helping me with the painting! Have you ever heard of a real estate agent doing that? I hadn't, until this particular agent came to help me. After the painting was finished, the agent and his wife went to work staging the house, in particular the sunroom at the front of the house. And what an amazing.job they did - I was so impressed that I jokingly said, "Wow, it looks so great, I'm thinking of staying here now, keeping the house"! 
The following week-end, my agent held an open house on the Saturday and Sunday. Out of that effort, we got two offers to purchase. Now, all of this occurred just after three weeks of initially meeting this agent, and hiring him to list my house and try to sell it for me. I signed one of the offers back and my house was sold! Okay, the name of this agent is Alan Goodley, who works with Coldwell Banker RMR Real Estate in Port Perry Ont. And I highly recommend Alan and his very talented wife Rosemary to anyone thinking of listing their property for sale. Alan and his wife not only worked hard to sell my house, they've also become very good friends of my wife Marlena and I. 
Al S  Port Perry, Ontario
Alan, just a short note to thank you for all the help you offered while selling my Mother’s condo. My brother and I were impressed with your attention to details and punctuality during the process. Mom also appreciated your patience while explaining each document requiring her signature. We believe that the condo sold quickly due to your contacts and that the unit was priced properly. On behalf of my wife, myself and Mom, thank you so much.
John A Beaverton, ON

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